Weather Software Programs

There are a number of weather software programs on the Internet.  Here are some which may be of interest:

Eye of the Storm v1.6 (Freeware)
A popular storm-tracking software package.  The above version is free.  Later versions are shareware.

WinWeather (Shareware)
WinWeather 2.0 brings hourly weather reports and forecasts, satellite images, weather cams and ski reports to your PC.  Just connect to the Internet and receive the latest reports from cities around the U.S. and the world.

Exploring Weather (Freeware)
Increase your meteorlogical and geoscience vocabulary. This program is an interactive software program that teaches students to think about weather in more global terms. The Earth's energy balance that is controlled by the sun's energy, and its effect on the Earth's system. This program also ties into several weather related math exercises.

Weather Bug (Freeware)
Weather Bug can put your local temperature on your desktop, right next to your PC clock.  You receive forecasts, by zip code, and can see live instacam images around the country.  Immediate storm warnings and alerts are provided, along with current radar images.  There is also various trivia, city guides and maps which can be accessed by this software.


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