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The Bermuda weather site is very easy to navigate using the "Choose a date" function, as shown below.  Simply, click the downward-facing arrows to the right of 'January' and 'All.'  This will allow you to choose any month and day of the year.  Once your selection has been made, just click on 'Go' and you'll be quickly transported to that 'daily' page.  There is a page for every day of the year and each will show weather details for that date every year, beginning with 1996.  This feature is convenient for anyone wishing to plan an outside Bermuda event on a particular date.

For those visitors who want to determine which time of year to plan their Bermuda vacation, we provide a series of 'monthly' pages for a quick, but complete, look at the weather possibilities for any month of the year.  Again, using the "Choose a date" function, select only your choice of month, then just click on the 'Go' button.  There is a page for every month of the year and, on each, you'll find a selection of years for which daily pictures have been taken.  Click on any year and be taken to a page which gives a thumbnail presentation of what the weather actually looked like for each day of that month, during that year.  Located at the bottom of the thumbnail presentation, you can quickly click on additional years.

Almost every page, on the Bermuda weather site, allows you to print the contents on a single sheet of paper, for reference and comparison purposes.  If you have any questions, or comments, about this site, please be sure to email us - your feedback is important.


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