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Forecast for Thursday - November 27, 2014


 Mostly cloudy, with showers

Winds: moderate, south-southwesterly.  A high near 76F / 24C

Tonight: cloudy, with showers.  A low near 67F / 19C

Sea surface temperature is 70F / 21C

Humidity level expected to be between 80% - 90%




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Friday - Mostly cloudy, with a few morning showers.  Winds will be moderate to strong, west-northwesterly.  A high near 72F / 22C, low near 64F / 18C

Saturday - Sunny to partly/mostly cloudy.  Winds will be moderate, north-northwesterly.  A high near 70F / 21C, low near 62F / 17C

Sunday - Sunny to partly cloudy.  Winds will be light to moderate, northerly.  A high near 70F / 21C, low near 63F / 17C

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